William H. Hall High School
West Hartford, Connecticut

Originally built in 1970, William H. Hall High School reflects many of the approaches common in school design of the period: exterior walls were built with few windows to cut energy costs, while deep floor plates left large areas lacking natural light or ventilation. Little was understood then of the psychological connection between learning, human well-being and natural light.

The three-storey addition is an architectural antidote to the monotony of the very large structure to which it is attached, and gives visual expression of the revitalization of the whole school.

We added windows reconfigured numerous areas to bring offices from the center of the building to the perimeter, and improved circulation within its cavernous interiors. The addition provided new teaching areas for mathematics, the humanities, science, and the arts, organized by floor to provide continuity in the various discipline areas in the existing building.
250,000 sf renovation
20,0000 sf addition

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