Brooklyn Greenhouse

: Brooklyn, NY

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: Brooklyn, NY

We endeavored to aggregate the energies and green initiatives of current tenants in the manufacturing and service industries in a physical center to share with, learn from and educate each other and the public.

We were charged to convert an abandoned warehouse into a state of the art center for green technology demonstrations, celebrations and eco product incubation. Situated in a 300 acre modern, urban industrial park in a historical setting this adaptive reuse project merges the shared aspirations of the public and private sector to give a social and economic heart to an emerging international model for sustainable industrial redevelopment.

The building acts as a solar collector and heat absorber. In the mornings east facing windows admit solar energy into the building. The thermal mass of the floor will temper and absorb the heat gain. Throughout the day the building acts as a distribution system, radiating the stored heat energy into the space. Site upgrades aim to reduce the impermeable surface areas while promoting water conservation efforts.

A Trombe wall is located at the south end of the building. Thermal mass absorbs the sunlight and transfers it to the space by conduction and distribution through the mechanical system. Thermal chimneys employ convective currents to draw air out of the building. By creating a warm or hot zone with an exterior exhaust outlet, air is drawn into the building to ventilate the structure. Photovoltaic Panels on the roof convert solar radiation into current electricity used for interior lighting and mechanical systems.