Grace Murray Hopper College

Yale University : New Haven, CT

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Yale University : New Haven, CT

At Grace Murray Hopper College our design solution focused on preservation. Where new architectural interventions were needed, we envisioned the building in the eyes of its architect, preserving and enhancing the original architecture.

The program called for extensive suite reconfigurations, including the full re-design of the east wing. In the kitchen renovation, the basement area has been fully modernized, allowing many first floor operations to move down stairs. The first floor servery has been enlarged, and the dining hall has been restored.

The basement has undergone many changes to better organize the location of its various spaces and to provide more appropriate design for these spaces, including a lobby, a performance hall, and various activity rooms. By discretely replacing all plumbing, heating and electrical systems, installing new sprinklers, alarms and security systems, the masters house, faculty apartments, and library were restored, as well as Grace Murray Hopper College’s slate roof, and stone and brick fa├žade.


First Place Award for Major Renovations
Connecticut Building Congress