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Yale University Art Gallery : New Haven, CT

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Yale University Art Gallery : New Haven, CT

The existing Art Gallery consisted of a four-story 1920’s Renaissance-style building with an addition designed by Louis Kahn in 1950. The only site available for new construction adjacent to the Gallery was Weir Court, a secluded courtyard long considered beautiful for its shape, sense of enclosure and intimacy, and its proximity to the Kahn addition.The design explores the idea of path in a gathering place, and how path might encourage people to move up close to a lecturer, resulting in a sense of intimacy and immediacy.

The new auditorium is an intimate space for both large and small groups. It replaces an existing two-story lecture hall that was renovated into two floors of new gallery space. Gallery ceilings integrate the lighting within the structural grid, allowing for flexibility in the exhibit areas, as well as echoing the tetrahedral ceiling in the Kahn addition. The former sunken sculpture court on York Street was converted into gallery space through construction of a sky-lit roof, thus preserving the west facade of the Kahn building.


National Honor Award for Design Excellence
American Institute of Architects