Dana Addition Case Library

Colgate University : Hamilton, NY

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Colgate University : Hamilton, NY

When it was built in 1958, the Case Library conformed to the notion of a library as a warehouse for books, and its architectural treatment reflected that idea. With our addition, we give it a heart, reflecting its importance as the center of learning at the University, and a place for imagination.

Our solution hides the existing library behind the addition, treating it like a “bustle” behind the new mass. This gives the library new prominence on the campus, forming a stone and brick façade that makes it compatible with the surrounding mid-nineteenth century Georgian and Victorian architecture.

A new two-story central reading room is now its heart, offering views to the north and a variety of reading rooms, ranging from alcoves to an attic loft, allowing students to choose from many group or single study spaces.


Honor Award for Design Excellence
AIA/American Library Association

Architectural Citation
National School Boards Association

Honor Award for Design Excellence