Duracell World Headquarters

The Duracell Corporation : Bethel, CT

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The Duracell Corporation : Bethel, CT

As environmentally-minded corporate citizens, the Duracell Corporation wanted its new world headquarters to embody the ideals of environmental sustainability and an egalitarian corporate culture.


Our response was a corporate “campus” that blends naturally with the rolling terrain of the Connecticut woodlands, and incorporates recycled products into 50% of its construction. The red brick gets its hue from scrap manganese dioxide powder, a by-product of Duracell’s battery manufacturing process. The structural steel is made from recycled automobile bodies and demolished buildings. The roofing contains recycled aluminum, the floor tiles contain recycled glass, and the acoustic tile ceilings are made from recycled newsprint, wood fibers and wool.


AIA Top Ten Environmental Solutions
American Institute of Architects

Design Award Citation
American Institute of Architects/ Connecticut

Sustainable Design Award
Boston Society of Architects