Engleman Hall

Southern Connecticut State University : New Haven, CT

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Southern Connecticut State University : New Haven, CT

Located at the heart of the Southern Connecticut State University campus, the new Engleman Hall has allowed the university to consolidate departments of the School of Arts and Sciences in one location, and accommodate its ever increasing enrollment. Because of its size and location, the new Engleman Hall serves as a gateway to the school, transforming the campus by developing and enhancing a series of lively exterior spaces. The existing 163,000 sf, three-storey, circa 1950 building was completely renovated, and a new wing was added. The new complex houses faculty offices, teaching laboratories, classrooms, student service groups and senior university administration, in an environment that meets SCSU’s pedagogical goals and mission. For this project, construction was phased in order to maintain student use in 70% of the structure throughout the four years of work.


Merit Award, Architecture: The Encompassing Art
AIA Connecticut