A Commitment to Going Further

Our practice began with a focus on improving living environments for students. It grew to embrace campus architecture, to design for learning, to schools, to architecture of the public realm, to the places that support living whatever its purpose. With every project, we seek to build on what we have learned, continuously adding to our knowledge base as we encompass and solve new problems, increase sustainability, and uncover unseen possibilities in the shaping of the built environment.

Principal areas of practice:

Higher Education and Residential Life
K-12 Education
Commercial Development
Civic, Culture, Sacred


As we shape the built environment, we build understanding. Establishing and nurturing communication among all participants in the design process is fundamental. We create exploratory tools - for inquiry, to lead meetings and workshops, seek feedback and present concepts - with the goal of discovering better, consensus-based solutions.

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We use the all the tools of architectural design – physical and digital – to discover solutions to problems and answers to questions that may only be seen or appreciated through a collaborative process of searching, inquiring, and testing, and the generation of ideas.

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The drive to create more congenial places for human life has contributed to environmental change of a degree that now threatens our very existence. Shaping a built environment that will sustain our planet and enable human civilization to survive, is a consequential challenge of this century and is integral to every aspect of our work at Newman.

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Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse

Every solution begins with what has gone before. Historic Preservation helps us remember, which helps us work out what to do to meet the challenges that face us. Our commitment to architectural preservation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings also supports a sustainable future. As we save and renew, we see who we are and where we belong. We glimpse the world as it was and what it can become.

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Newman provides architectural programming, master planning, feasibility studies, all phases of architectural design, and construction administration, and post-construction. We consult on projects constructed in a range of construction delivery methods, including conventional Design-Bid-Build, GMP and CMA, Design-Build, and P3 processes.

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