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Civic, Culture, Sacred

We live in rapidly changing times, yet we experience unchanging human needs for community, ritual, reflection, inspiration, and celebration. We search for meaning and purpose as people always have.

Participating in Civic, Cultural, and Sacred activities allows us to share this search with fellow seekers and help meet each other’s needs. After more than 55 years, environments for these activities by Newman continue to bring people together, energizing and enriching community life.


Civic places, from city halls to community centers, stadia, public parks and squares, and streetscapes catalyze urban revitalization, break down barriers, encourage civic participation, and promote health and wellness. They help people participate vigorously in public life for the health and vitality of their communities.

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Cultural facilities, whether theaters, performance halls, and auditoria or museums and teaching studios weave the arts into the fabric of community life for both entertainment and self-realization. They awaken our senses, spread beauty, invite participation, inspire joy, and release the creative potential of the human spirit.

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Sacred spaces, from traditional churches and synagogues to multi-faith centers, non-denominational sanctuaries, and meditation gardens provide retreats from daily life for reflection and renewal. Here, people of all faiths and no faith can share questions and concerns, discover new perspectives, find mutual understanding and respect, and celebrate their shared humanity.

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These overlapping areas of our practice build bridges—between neighborhoods, people of different beliefs and identities, despair and hope—with a common purpose: addressing unchanging human needs in changing times. We address these needs by drawing on timeless archetypes that continue to instill awe and wonder, reinterpreting them to create new building types that encourage the search for meaning and purpose by a society reinventing itself.

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