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K-12 Education

No two children learn in the same way, and our children’s education is occurring in an ever-expanding array of settings – public schools, independent and preparatory schools, parochial schools and charter schools, in their neighborhoods, on their devices, and across the world. In every setting, parents and educators are seeking education and design strategies that support authentic and meaningful student-centered learning practices.

They and their students recognize that a “one size fits all” model of education and school design limit their goals for comprehensive and equitable success in a rapidly globalizing world. We recognize that the characteristics of the physical learning environment – lighting, acoustics, indoor environmental quality, and degree of stimulation and individualization can be as important to student success as the teaching and operational aspects of the student environment.


Newman is a recognized expert in architecture for education, working with educators, school administrators, school districts, and school communities to translate educational best practices and project-specific goals into good learning environments. Our experience is informed by more than a half-century of work in higher education and in public and independent K-12 schools.

Each of these educational settings present unique challenges and opportunities, our work in each informing our work in the others. The same range of experience applies to the types of projects we undertake - whether with a new building, a modernization or renovation project, or a master facilities plan, we seek thoughtful solutions tailored to each school’s educational approach and philosophy, and aligned with its budget and context.

No matter the size or budget of a project, we offer a high standard of service and design, from facilities condition assessments and master plans to educational programming, architectural services for new and renovated school buildings, and targeted interior design.

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Our school clients value our teams for the care we take to engage school communities, helping disparate voices to achieve consensus and a unified vision – school administrators and educators; parents, students, and civic groups; donors and boards of directors. Together, we challenge stereotypes to design environments that prepare our children to create their own futures.

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All children deserve inspiring spaces for learning. Our school projects are spirited, durable, safe, adaptable, efficient, and well-integrated into their settings and communities. Promoting future-focused, authentic, and meaningful learning through a commitment to collaborative processes, and social and civic engagement, our schools’ practice is at the heart of our commitment to the public good.

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