Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church : Stamford, CT

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Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church : Stamford, CT

For the expansion and renewal of the existing church, we led a collaborative effort involving the Board of Trustees, Deacons and members of the Congregation. We shared ideas and investigated several alternative schemes for the site. Our initial work involved the development of a Master plan Study which calls for expansion in two major phases. Phase I (now complete) created a new chapel/rehearsal space seating 160, five new classrooms, expansion of offices and support spaces for the Operations Center and Ministries, and expansion and renovation of Fellowship Hall to accommodate 300. Phase II provides for the expansion of the Mark of Excellence Academy, integrating a media center, a gymnasium, and various offices and meeting rooms. Phase II also suggests an addition to the Sanctuary to expand the capacity by 140 seats. The Master Plan provides accessibility throughout the building and additional space to relieve overcrowding and allow new programs.