Knowledge Groups

Committed to a knowledge-based architecture

We believe that all our work builds on what we have done before, and that the more we know the more we can offer to projects, and the more value we share and create the further we can explore and imagine. Drawn from Newman staff, each of our Knowledge Groups focuses on a major aspect of design or practice, and supports the firm in its mission to systematically develop both the capabilities of the firm as a whole and those of each staff member. Knowledge groups also provide alternative pathways in the practice for professional development.

Knowledge Groups

  • Design Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Design Methods
  • Professional Development
  • Office Culture
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Design Technology

  • Supporting investment in digital design, documentation, and visualization hardware and software
  • Developing policies for the use of new digital platforms to support day-to-day operations
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Parametric Design

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Virtual Reality and Rendering Software

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Technology Research

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One of the principal contributors to environmental degradation and global warming is the built environment, which architects participate in shaping. Newman is committed to the development and use of sustainable architectural strategies in the work we undertake.

The Sustainability Group is responsible for researching and integrating sustainable design strategies into every aspect of our practice.

2 aia2030

The AIA 2030 Commitment

Sharing in a global transformation.

Newman has joined the AIA 2030 Commitment to the reduction of energy consumption and production of greenhouse gases. It is our goal that by 2030 the projects we design will be carbon-neutral.

3 Patapsco Post Occ Eval 2012

Post-Occupancy Evaluations

  • Verifying that our buildings perform as intended
  • Utilizing, and improving post-occupancy evaluation tools
  • Using the feedback to improve our effectiveness in administering sustainability and functionality practices
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Office Wellness Plan

A Healthy Work Environment

Sustainable practices extend to our work environments

  • No plastic packaging, plates, or cutlery
  • Green cleaning protocols
  • Recycling
  • Acoustic control
  • Ergonomic furniture
  • LED lighting
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Healthy food guidelines
  • Sustainable interior material selection
  • Energy-efficient office machines and usage
Design methods

Design Methods

The Design Methods Group nurtures and expands our knowledge-based design culture, identifying, developing, implementing tools that reflect the firm’s vision of a sustainable architecture that creates value and is innovative.

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Knowledge Management

Prioritizing collaboration and communication

We are committed to improving communication and collaboration across disciplines and roles, using new platforms and procedures.

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Design Processes

Articulating and describing the components, resources, and criteria, of each phase in the design process, and establishing an appropriate range of design tools, releases project teams to collaboratively explore, research, develop concepts, and meet project goals.

4 knowledge groups design methods

Setting Design Standards

We seek best practices, sharing knowledge, examine past projects, and encourage professional development to address our needs.

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Delivery Management

Delivering knowledge-based design

Digital platform-based templates and tools, reflecting our knowledge base, creates a foundation for more thoughtful, creative design exploration and expression.

1 knowledge groups professional development

Professional Development

The Professional Development Group manages our professional licensure program, and identifies and shares opportunities for the staff to learn, grow, and advance.

2 professional development mentorship


A program to share knowledge and experience, and to support professional growth

We create opportunities for staff members build relationships within the firm, the profession, organizations, and the larger community.

3 knowledge groups professional development Howards Class

Continuing Education and Accreditation

Opportunities to Learn

We create opportunities for staff to learn, provide study materials, organize study groups, and support for accreditation, including professional licensing.

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Engagement in Expert Organizations

Building confidence. Growing relationships.

The Professional Development Group promotes opportunities and provides guidance to members of the staff to enable them to build relationships with professional organizations, civic and cultural groups.

Schools of thought

Office Culture

Newman is more than a place to work. It is a community. The Office Culture Group creates opportunities to build community and to share ideas about our work, our environment, and values.

Knowledge groups office culture sustainability

Culture of Sustainability

We find opportunities to increase sustainability consciousness within the firm—our projects, office practices, and employee education.

4 knowledge groups office culture

Culture of Design and Curiosity

Inspiring curiosity

We want to improve our methods and processes, and to think and design using what is newly discovered. During design reviews, discussions, training, and mentoring, we encourage curiosity to help us understand where we are as a firm and where we hope to be next.

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Culture of Engagement

Connecting with our communities

The Office Culture Group fosters opportunities for volunteering by staff, individually and in groups, to support others and to create ties to the community.

5 knowledge groups office culture

Culture of Wellness

Supporting every person’s drive for fulfillment

Our success as a firm is tied to the success of those who make up the firm. We strive to create an environment that is supportive and trusting, with opportunities for growth, and where all are heard and valued.