Lynn University Master Plan

Lynn University : Boca Raton, FL

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Lynn University : Boca Raton, FL

Lynn University’s campus is approximately 120 acres, half of which is developed. The developed area, which consists of buildings, playing fields, ponds and landscaping, is organized by a central pedestrian walk.

The new campus master plan envisages an increase in the student population to 1,800 students, with provision for ultimate growth to 2,300 students, who will continue to be a mix of residents and commuters.

The master plan calls for reinforcing the pedestrian spine with new buildings and additions, adding dormitories, academic buildings, a library and a new auditorium. The vehicular system will be revised to become a ring route around the perimeter of the campus with branches to serve the buildings in the center. Parking capacity will be increased and divided into long-term parking for residential students, and short-term parking to serve academic staff and commuter students.