Ontario Mixed-Use Village

: Oshawa, Canada

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: Oshawa, Canada

The Mixed-Use Village project for Tribute Communities will create a center for an emerging satellite community of burgeoning Oshawa, Ontario, part of the Greater Toronto Area’s expansion outward into former farmland north of Lake Ontario.

The Village will create an iconic ‘college town’ in which local residents, students, and faculty can enrich each other’s lives. It will seamlessly integrate vital retail, residential, commercial, institutional, and civic facilities into a vibrant community, optimizing all forms of connectivity between new and existing institutions to maximize social, cultural, and economic synergies.

The Village master plan process will: provide an achievable, enriched, and well-informed “road map” for development of a mixed-use village that will create a heart for a vital and growing community; involve stakeholders, incorporating their objectives and accommodating their needs; coordinate professional disciplines involved in project implementation; support project presentations and marketing efforts; and provide tools for soliciting feedback from stakeholders, regulatory agencies, community groups, and the marketplace.