Nathan Hale School K-8

New Haven Public Schools : New Haven, CT

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New Haven Public Schools : New Haven, CT

The original Nathan Hale School is typical of the red brick neighborhood schools built in the early twentieth century in cities across the US. We restored the old building while introducing more natural light increasing the building efficiency, turning spaces that were unneeded into classrooms and teaching support spaces. A WPA mural that had been located in a corridor was restored and moved into the new library to become the dominant element in the space.

The new addition is oriented so that the circulation spine draws people from the street towards views of the New Haven harbor. This circulation spine expands at the ends and contracts at the center, while voids in the spine link the floor levels spatially. As an expression of connection, therefore, the spine links the interior of the school dynamically with its setting – axially and cross-axially to the landscape and streetscape, vertically from floor to sky.


Design Excellence for the Built Environment
American Institute of Architects, Connecticut

Design Citation
Boston Society of Architects/, IIDA and ASID

Blue Ribbon Award
9th Annual CT Real Estate Awards