Meditz Hall

Fairfield University : Fairfield, CT

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Fairfield University : Fairfield, CT

Fairfield University’s New Village Apartments implements part of the University’s residential master plan to attract more upper class students to live on campus with a residence hall offering low-rise independent-living apartments in a verdant setting.

The New Village Apartments wraps the northeast edge of a wooded campus site to greet pedestrians coming from the campus to the west and to form a significant new exterior green space to its south for the whole Village campus precinct. The new dorm adds critical mass to what had been an undersized residential area, while preserving sensitive natural green areas that include a stream to the east and a stream and wetlands with a pond to the southwest.

Articulation into plan segments helps break down the scale of the building both internally and externally. Playful use of brick colors unifies and energizes Village campus buildings, while further scaling down the New Village Apartments.