Facilities Preparedness Planning in the Wake of Covid-19

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New Haven, CT

As you plan for a safe return in the wake of COVID-19, building owners and managers are being asked to develop a plan that considers the means and methods that will be required for the ‘new normal’. Though the design of new facilities will likely be programmed to account for behavior in the post-COVID-19 era, existing facilities will require an evaluation to assess the modifications that may be required to create an environment that meets the new guidelines for health and wellness.

A day in the life of residents, workers, students, and visitors will expose everyone to a variety of encounters and environments that will require consideration and planning. Newman has extensive experience programming, planning, and designing a variety of program uses at higher education, K-12 education, commercial, civic, cultural, and sacred spaces. Whether it’s walking between buildings on a campus or taking public transit from the workplace to the nearby library, we understand how people move.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can best assist in developing a restructure plan that addresses safe standards for architectural and engineering modifications. From horizontal or vertical circulation, to restroom fixtures, to mechanical system upgrades, Newman is available to provide services that will support re-entry plans and help get everyone back to their buildings.

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