Garrison Elementary's Camp Barker Memorial Honored by Fast Company

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Camp Barker Memorial has been honored as one of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas of 2020 in Spaces, Places, and Cities. Forming three entry portals to Garrison Elementary School in DC, the memorial honors the history of the site as a Civil War 'contraband camp' that housed escaped slaves. The structure was designed by After Architecture, using charred wood and brass, a deliberate departure from the commonplace white marble statues around DC. The charred wood imitates the resilience of those temporarily housed there and the community that grew out of it, while the brass inspires reflection for those who pass through. Narrative bas-relief sculpted by Vinnie Bagwell, a prominent artist known for honoring African American history, is featured on each portal.

Read about the full history of Garrison Elementary's site and the meaning of the memorial here.