North Branford Intermediate School

Town of North Branford : North Branford, CT

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Town of North Branford : North Branford, CT

This project comprises renovations and an addition to a public intermediate school located on a two-school campus.

To create space for the addition, two existing one-storey wings were demolished, leaving the gymnasium and a two-storey classroom wing. The retained building was renovated and the classroom wing re-skinned in brick and glass to thermally upgrade the envelope and improve access to daylight.

The new building, canted in relation to the existing, reinforces the center of campus. Massing of a new three-storey classroom wing, twisted to face the street, acknowledges the relationship between school and town. A chain of single-storey, special-purpose rooms creates other smaller campus places and mediates between the scale of the new three storey wing and its setting.

Often extending floor to floor, windows draw in natural light to illuminate surfaces and balance interior with exterior: a signal of the importance to learning of both light and place. Metal and glass define interior space. Brick is used to contribute to campus legibility.


Award for Design Excellence
American Institute of Architects/Connecticut