Howard Hebel


Associate Principal

Howard enjoys helping communities articulate their aspirations and realize their visions. His background in the arts and social sciences equips him well to guide design teams in serving their missions. Howard is recognized for his work with multiple constituencies in civic, cultural, and sacred projects as well as in higher education, building consensus and bringing out the best in participants. His deep interest in world religions gives him an understanding and empathy towards the differences and commonalities of diverse cultures.

Howard is also known for preparing projects clearly for implementation and for shepherding them to completion on time and on budget. While his passion is helping communities create beautiful places that inspire awe and wonder, he also understands keenly the technical side of building, including the special conditions of restoration, renovation, and adaptive reuse. An avid gardener and beekeeper in his spare time, Howard leads the firm’s sustainability initiatives.

M.Arch, Yale University; BA, Middlebury College
Registered Architect
Former Board Chair, Artspace of New Haven