Melinda Agron


Principal, Chief Operating Officer

Melinda Agron is passionate about creating synergies between critical building design and innovative business strategy. Growing up in Miami, she cultivated an early fascination for the impact that coupling good architecture and thoughtful real estate development has on an evolving city landscape. That lifelong interest prompted her to pursue an MBA alongside a graduate architecture degree and brought her to Newman, where she works across multi-family, mixed-use, and large-scale commercial projects as well as in real estate planning services.

No matter the project, Melinda successfully combines architectural design and business thinking to collaborate with the design team through all stages and to lead strategic thinking efforts that seek to optimize organization, efficiency, and operations to suit every client’s needs.

Melinda also plays a key role in recruitment and strategic business development efforts in the firm, both of which engage her drive to connect people through relationship building. Her commitment to nurturing thought leadership and advocating for the value of architecture extends outside of Newman in her roles as instructor at the Yale School of Architecture and co-editor of Perspecta 54: The Yale Architectural Journal (2021).

MBA, Yale School of Management
M.Arch, Yale School of Architecture
BA, Dartmouth College
Registered Architect
American Institute of Architects
Urban Land Institute
Instructor, Yale School of Architecture