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Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library

Lynn University
Boca Raton, FL
58,000 SF

The role of the library is changing and flexibility of space is a prominent theme of state-of-the-art library technology. The Lynn University Library has been designed to accommodate the 200,000 volume collection projected. There are a variety of study and reading areas, a special collections room, a bibliographic and curriculum laboratory, and staff offices and support facilities.

While the library is classical in form and monumental in scale, its materials and building details follow regional traditions. In response to the heat and sun, windows are set deeply into the walls and shaded with metal screens, while screened, shaded porches at the front and rear reflect the local climate and patterns of building use. A circular stairway marks a major point of confluence and is illuminated with a skylight. Rather than one main reading room, smaller reading and study areas are interwoven among the open stacks. Lobby, checkout spaces and other meetings rooms are separated from study areas to insure quiet.

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  • AIA CT Honor Award for Design Excellence, Built Project, 1999
  • American School & University Architectural Portfolio Post-Secondary Citation, 1997

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