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Union Station & Parking Garage

City of New Haven
New Haven, CT
425,000 SF
Historic Interiors Civic, Culture, Sacred

Newman completed exterior and interior restorations of Union Station, which involved rebuilding of the tunnel passageways leading to the train platforms, improving signage, installing escalators and elevators, building a canopy for the main entrance, and constructing a 900-car connected commuter parking garage.

New Haven’s Union Station was a grand public building until the decline of passenger railroads led to its closing in 1954. Suffering from lack of maintenance, extreme water damage, and graffiti, it was almost demolished, until the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project came to the rescue in 1979.

Newman completely cleaned and restored the water damaged ceilings, exterior masonry and windows, the interior limestone walls, the chandeliers, clocks, ticket windows and shop fronts. We installed new wooden benches replicating the originals, and removed offices on the balconies, allowing natural light to flood through the arched windows. New skylights and stainless steel ceilings in the subways draw natural light into once dark spaces.

The new 300,000 SF attached parking garage has arches in its façade, echoing the arches of Union Station. They attempt to give the garage a sense of lightness, reducing its scale in relation to the historic railway building.

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National Historic Preservation Award, President Bush’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, 1992

Design Award, American Institute of Architects/New England Regional Council, 1991

Public Space Honor Award, American Institute of Architects, Connecticut, 1989