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Wakefield Village Transit Oriented Community Development

Webster Leasing, LLC
Bronx, NY
1.15 Million SF
Est. 2027
Commercial Development Mixed-Use Development Multi-family Housing Sustainability Affordable Housing In Progress

A new transit-oriented development, consisting of five residential buildings that form a gateway to the Bronx from the north and an iconic sentinel from the south, will take its place on the New York skyline by 2030.

The Wakefield Village master plan envisions approximately1,200 mixed-income affordable and workforce dwelling units of studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartments in a new community that also will include a new one-acre park, retail, and community facility space woven into the six-acre site plan. Built on underutilized property bounded by MTA rail lines, the site supports transit oriented connectivity with immediate access to the Metro North Wakefield Station, multiple city bus routes, NYC subway system, and the Bronx River Parkway.

The phased development will provide parking and service access in a site podium. The five buildings will be erected above the podium. The massing of the towers creates an active skyline, with heights ranging from 12 to 27 stories. The tower designs propose generous use of glazing and a mix of masonry fa├žade types and masonry materials. Rooftop areas will be green, some of which will be used as a tenant amenity.

The site allows views to the Bronx River and Greenway trail system. A new park at the south end of the site provides green space for general public and resident recreation as an extension of the Bronx River Greenway. Two retail plazas on the podium provide public and private gathering space.

The site allows views to the Bronx River and the Bronx River Park greenway trail system. A new park at south end of the site will provide green space for resident use and recreation and connection to the Bronx Park greenway environment. Two retail plazas on the podium will provide both public and private gathering spaces.

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