Residential Facilities Master Plan

Fairfield University : Fairfield, CT

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Fairfield University : Fairfield, CT

The University engaged us to develop a residential facilities master plan to achieve their Mission and Strategic Vision for undergraduate residential life, including: meeting the challenges associated with growth; identifying ways to improve eight existing residential halls and to replace 15 wood-frame townhouses (500 beds) with more durable and useful residences (800 beds); and developing a roadmap for implementation.

Confirming the University’s program involved reviewing their implementation of the developmental model for student residence and understanding the unique pedagogical, social, and ethical strategies comprising the University’s residential-life philosophy. We studied patterns of social organization on campus, including class-year affinities, themed living groups, and mentoring programs through on-site focus-group interviews, meetings with Residential Life staff, and review of Mission and Strategic Vision documents

Newman Architects has been engaged to design three residential life projects: the New Village Apartments and renovations of St. Ignatius House and Dolan Hall.