School of Fine Arts

University of Connecticut : Storrs, CT

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University of Connecticut : Storrs, CT

Gehry Partners of Los Angeles, California and Newman Architects collaborated to win an international competition, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, for the design of a new School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut.

The School of Fine Arts offers programs in art and art history, dramatic arts, and music, with primary emphasis on the professional preparation of students for careers in the arts, both as practitioners and as educators. Currently, the School of Fine Arts’ various divisions and areas are housed in nearly 20 buildings on campus. The planned project will permit the School to bring all of its academic programs together in one complex on the southeast corner of the Storrs campus.

The new School of Fine Arts is designed to become a center of artistic, social and intellectual activity, attractive to the university population as a whole and the public at large. It aims to bring the arts into the everyday life of the university campus and its surrounding community. Its architecture attempts to represent this ambitious objective and to create exciting opportunities for artistic expression while fulfilling the technical requirements of a complex program.