Snyder Sanctuary

Lynn University : Boca Raton, FL

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Lynn University : Boca Raton, FL

The sanctuary will be both a place of refuge and a spiritual place that is set apart from the everyday world. It will be a place for meditation, music, celebration and dialogue, unaffiliated with any religion, where students are encouraged to explore different beliefs and shared values. Every culture, every civilization of which we are aware has, not necessarily an organized religion, but a belief system that reflects a belief in our ultimately spiritual nature. We were challenged to create a design that reflects this reality and uses it to bring people of all cultures together.

The Snyder Sanctuary draws on various elements to reflect a variety of concepts about spirituality found in cultures across the Earth and connects them with timeless themes found throughout nature. Seven walls lean on each other to create a spiral form. The walls are structurally interdependent. This aspect of the design is meant to symbolize the interdependence of all living things. The spiral form is seen throughout nature in galaxies, flowers and hurricanes. It’s a natural, mathematical pattern repeated throughout the universe—giving a sense of movement and permanence. Skylights allow natural light to fill the room with changing patterns throughout the day; A labyrinth outside of the main building references some of the oldest spiritual ritual patterns.


Merit in Architecture, AIA-DC