Stamford Porch

City of Stamford : Stamford, CT

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City of Stamford : Stamford, CT

Our design proposes a grove of solar trees, whose canopy creates an urban porch. As trees gather the sun and nourish our environment with oxygen, absorb and filter waters to purify and nourish our soils, and provide refuge from the wind and the sun, our solar trees provide these functions as well as providing a refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The solar porch will provide the Mill River Park with a year round attraction, contributing as a public amenity and resource and as a magnet, energizing the growing population of the Mill River Park region.

The “Porch” will be a place to picnic, to stroll, to meet friends and family, to have a morning coffee. It will be a place to propose and a place to celebrate. The “Porch” is a joyous celebration of the Park and the City. A place for diversity where one can be a part of a shared public experience of activity and wonder with others, without sacrificing one’s privacy. It is public art which evokes participation.