Sterling Law School Library

Yale University : New Haven, CT

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Yale University : New Haven, CT

One of the most elegant interior spaces on campus, the Yale Law School Library was designed by James Gamble Rogers in 1932. However, by the late 1970’s the Library had grown shabby, overcrowded, and noisy with the influx of copying machines. In addition, one of the lecture halls at the school put students at an awkward distance from the speaker. The law school asked us to make both of these spaces more amenable.

Our intervention restores the shell of the Library and its rich detailing, shifts the photocopiers to adjacent areas and replaces most of the reading tables with oak carrels and comfortable chairs. The card catalog is relocated to the center of the room for better visibility and access. The new design of the carrels provides task lighting below, while up-lighting the lovely, restored painted wood ceiling beams and gargoyle capitals.


National Honor Award for Design Excellence
American Institute of Architects/ American Library Association

Excellence in Architecture