The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

: Ashford, CT

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: Ashford, CT

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was founded in 1988 by Paul Newman with one simple premise in mind, that every child, no matter their illness, could experience the transformational spirit and friendships that go hand in hand with camp.

With unobtrusive expert medical care, it was Paul’s dream that Camp would provide seriously ill children with a fun-filled experience defined by compassion, laughter and acceptance.

Newman Architects worked with The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp to determine a facilities stabilization and expansion plan to enable the Camp to flourish and continue to serve their constituents. The changing needs of the Camp are reflected in the adoption of new medical technologies and healthcare pedagogies that the original camp was not originally planned for.

Our work involved master planning for a growing and diverse residential community of doctors, nurses, counselors, and campers. The addition of a new 5,000 square foot residence for visiting faculty has enabled the Camp to provide a more acute level of care for their campers. An extended infirmary has doubled the Camp’s capacity to care for campers on site, eliminating the need to dismiss campers mid-session. We are working with the camp to explore alternate locations/sites for further expansion of residential care as well as providing a broader range of services.