Whitney Grove

: New Haven, CT

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: New Haven, CT

Although its uses are diverse, Whitney/Grove is carefully integrated into the neighborhood by its curbs, sidewalks, street furniture, fences and hedges, stoops, and portals. At one end of the site, facing toward New Haven’s office precinct, it is an eight story office building with retail space at street level. The scale gradually steps down in height, complementing the size and orientation of adjacent buildings, and creates a strong identity through its massing, materials, and detailing.

Thirty seven townhouses, with a landscaped interior courtyard behind, continue the layering and like-uses from public to private spaces: front doors face front doors, back doors face back doors, and backyards face backyards. Streets are the most important spaces in cities. When special attention is given to the layering of scales and placing of like-uses on both sides of the street, it makes for a healthy street. These ideas influenced our design of Whitney/Grove


Builder’s Choice Merit Award
Builder Magazine

Excellence in Design Award
Masonry Institute of Connecticut