Newman Architects

Architecture Enriching and Sustaining Life

Founded in 1964 by Herbert S. Newman, FAIA, Newman's work is found in towns and cities, and in rural settings, on college and university campuses in the United States and internationally. We design for people – to support, sustain and enrich life.

Our principal areas of practice are: Higher Education; Commercial Development; K-12 Education; Libraries; Civic, Culture, Sacred.

We are interested in architecture that addresses the human condition and responds to human needs.

Architecture mirrors life. It expresses a point of view. We celebrate the diverse, the unique, the shared, the community, privacy, the rituals. We envision places that allow for change – that are flexible and lasting and sustainable. Every project is guided by a belief that we can make our shared world better through the thoughtful and evocative shaping of space, form, climate, and material.

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Shaping places of connection for people to live and grow

We bring together different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and experiences. We share a common commitment, and are unified in a collaborative process, encouraging all voices to be heard as we pursue shared goals.

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Conceived to reveal fresh possibilities

We seek a sustainable architecture – aligned with its time and culture, purpose and setting – an architecture of belonging and possibility: connecting people to each other, to the world, and to their capacity for experience.

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