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Commercial Development

Whether it’s designing corporate headquarters, coordinating tenant fit-out, exploring workplace planning, or imagining a new transit-oriented development, Newman strives to create superbly designed environments that connect people and engage context, while delivering value to the client. Our experience capitalizes upon years of corporate and mixed-use multi-family projects, as well upon as our roots in higher education, to understand the behaviors and desires that consumers across generations expect in their working, learning, and living environments.

We take advantage of the innovation that happens in the university settings where we work to help our development partners create successful places and cities with enduring appeal. Throughout the design process we consider how projects fit into the urban fabric, how new streets connect to mass transit, and how a place will be experienced by those who use it or pass by. Client, stakeholder, and design team engagement methods are employed alongside internal financial planning tools to allow us to gather, explore, and test the feasibility of every idea.

Real Estate Planning Services

In the first phases of a project, sometimes before a site has even been selected, we work with the client to develop preliminary site and zoning strategies based on market analysis findings. The information gathering and analysis that occurs at this stage is key to defining the parameters and opportunities that will guide the trajectory of the project. In-person programming and visioning meetings allow us to test design options against the project’s opportunities and constraints to arrive at a preliminary design that maximizes potential yield, while being fundamentally driven by the owner’s vision.

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Building Design

With a site, program, and conceptual design defined, we work with the client to develop architecture that will deliver higher yields at every stage of the project’s life. Early cost modeling enables us to balance our keen understanding of market trends with a value management design approach. We design with a mind towards the logistics that will enhance your construction strategy, the building systems that will minimize life-cycle costs, and the internal planning needed to simplify operation and maintenance strategies, all while delivering a building that responds to the demands of today’s consumers.

2 Building Design

Pro Forma Design

While architectural planning and design are underway we concurrently run internal financial planning tools to understand the impact of the design on projected yield, employing pro forma analysis to drive our value management planning and ultimately inform how we optimize program, systems, and materials to maximize the owner’s return on investment. Whether the owner is planning for a long-term hold of the asset or a sale at stabilization, our design decisions can drive better financial returns when we understand both the qualitative and quantitative impact of those decisions.

Pro Forma Design

Building Management

Every Newman project is developed, modeled, and documented in Revit, allowing us to support the owner long after construction closeout and occupancy. The integrated information layers of Building Information Modeling (BIM) facilitate the ongoing analysis of building operations systems and performance. We update, maintain, and manage models to support systems adjustments throughout the lifecycle of the building, enabling the owner to extend the value of the building through informed changes to the physical asset and the systems that sustain it.

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