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Norwalk Facilities Plan Study

Norwalk Public Schools
Norwalk, CT
11,500 Students, 19 School Campuses
April 2021
Grade Level
DLR Group
K-12 Education Public Schools Urban Schools Community Engagement Planning

Newman, in collaboration with DLR Group, developed the Master Plan for Norwalk Public Schools, setting the stage for a school system of the future supporting 21st century learning for all of Norwalk’s diverse students. This Master Plan serves as a basis for Norwalk’s future capital spending and provide the rationale for facility initiatives.

Encompassing Facilities Conditions Assessments of substantially all of Norwalk’s public school facilities, the study is focused on aligning Norwalk’s bricks-and-mortar facilities with its overarching educational philosophy and approach. The results are data driven, research informed, and most importantly, community inspired.

Newman/DLR Group's approach includes robust engagement with over 250 constituents - Board of Education, district staff, school administrators, teachers, students, and the broader school community - to ensure that the Facilities Plan equitably provides the settings for Norwalk’s future-oriented educational mission, for all of Norwalk’s neighborhoods and families. We were able to create a compelling, unified vision to guide future facilities and spending decisions, ensuring the best learning environments possible in accordance with the City’s and Board of Education’s mission, and to further establish Norwalk as an attractive place for families to call home.

"[Newman/DLR Group] have done an incredible job at really looking at the infrastructure of our facilities and created a really robust review process that will allow us to have a scope of work for the next 20 years, and have a deeper understanding of what we need to do to better align our environment to the programming needs of our schools, but also to the expectations that we need to set for ourselves as we align ourselves better to the workforce…" - Dr. Alexandra Estrella, Superintendent

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